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I'm often called Funtooguy because I've promoted and marketed waterslide temporary tattoos since 1988. I view my products as an alternative to the lifetime commitment of real tattoos. I constantly do research to find the most realistic and best quality in the industry.

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This blog is by the owner of and discusses issues related to all sorts of waterslide temporary tattoos.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Temporary Tattoos and the 80/20 Rule

After 25 years in the temporary tattoo business, I've seen and learned a lot of things.  One thing is that with any manufacturer, 20% of the products will generate 80% of the business.  That's one of the reasons I don't manufacture temporary tattoos.  Instead, I'm a reseller who hand picks from the 20% group that performs best from trusted quality suppliers.

Another thing I've learned is that quality waterslide temporary tattoos are the best way to display a tattoo without making a lifetime commitment.  They can be applied in just seconds and easily removed when desired.  Quality tattoos can be very realistic and last for days.

Over the years I've researched and experimented with alternative types of temporary tattoos...air brush, Henna, body paints, marking pens, and other types of body art.  None proved to be as good as a quality waterslide tattoo.  I've also experimented with a variety of inkjet printer systems.  None of them provided acceptable results, and most were just plain terrible.  I've also experimented with fake body jewelry and cosmetic cover up products.  Bottom line: you just can't beat a quality waterslide tattoo and that's where I focus my attention.

Not all waterslide temporary tattoos are the same.   Over the years the marketing of waterslide tattoos has changed.  Some marketers address the youth market where price is the major concern.  Much of this market is filled by offshore manufacturers and artwork There are actually only a handful of waterslide tattoo printers in the U.S.  Most of them do a pretty good job, but product runs seem to vary in quality from one run to the next.  Most of the larger marketers don't actually produce their products but instead contract with someone else to print them.  That may be a local manufacturer or one offshore...depending on price.  

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