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I'm often called Funtooguy because I've promoted and marketed waterslide temporary tattoos since 1988. I view my products as an alternative to the lifetime commitment of real tattoos. I constantly do research to find the most realistic and best quality in the industry.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Evaluation of 3 temporary tattoos

I'm continuing my search for new temporary tattoos to add to my catalog. This evaluation includes 3 temporary tattoos from different sources. They all looked pretty good on day 2 and I was especially interested in seeing how the cherries would hold up. The skull in the middle was one of the premium quality Japanese Paper Tattoos I import from Japan. I included it as a reference. The eagle and anchor was from the third source. Click on any of the images for a larger view.

By the third day, The cherries were really breaking down, but the other two were still looking good.

By the fifth day, the cherries were completely gone with just a hint that there was ever anything there. The other two still looked good, but the eagle and anchor was beginning to show signs of breaking down. The skull, of course, still looked good.

This is a good example of how much the quality can vary from one manufacturer to another. During the 23 years I've been marketing temporary tattoos I've seen a wide range of quality in the temporary tattoos flooding the market today. Unlike paper tattoos, they are manufactured on printing presses using special inks and an adhesive to bond it to the skin. The tattoos are printed on a decal stock paper that releases the tattoo image when dampened. By definition, what we refer to as temporary tattoos should actually be called "waterslide tattoos" since they are actually a specialized version of waterslide decals. Traditional temporary tattoos printed on presses (as most are these days) will normally look good for 3 to 5 days.

Although Japanese Paper Tattoos are also waterslide tattoos, they are produced with a more complex process that is similar to silk screening. Due to this more expensive process, they look more realistic and normally last from one week to two weeks of longer.

I should clarify the term "normally" as it applies to how a long a temporary tattoo should last. In addition the the quality of the tattoo, there are other factors that influence how long a waterslide temporary tattoo might look good. Rubbing from clothing or other objects will shorten the life since it is on the surface of the skin. There's a good discussion and video you can view here.

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