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I'm often called Funtooguy because I've promoted and marketed waterslide temporary tattoos since 1988. I view my products as an alternative to the lifetime commitment of real tattoos. I constantly do research to find the most realistic and best quality in the industry.

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This blog is by the owner of and discusses issues related to all sorts of waterslide temporary tattoos.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The end of an era for Funtoos

More than 28 years ago I began selling and applying temporary tattoos anywhere I could find people.  Temporary tattoos were a brand new idea in the 1980's and they caught on quickly.  I saw an opportunity for others to do what I was doing and developed a dealer package for small businesses or individuals interested in operating their own "Temporary Tattoo Parlor".  Then I ran some small classified ads in magazines offering a catalog and samples for $3.  It wasn't much of a catalog, but it pulled some orders.  I decided to produce a basic print catalog with an order form enclosed.  There wasn't a lot of selection in those days, so it was 5-1/2" by 8-!2" with 10 pages.  Now I was operating three growing business.  Retail mail order, wholesale to others operating temporary tattoo parlors, and doing events and festivals in my local market.  Life was good.  

In the late 1990's we began marketing on the Internet.  That gave us an opportunity to present our products in an additional way.  We still received all our orders by phone, fax or mail until 2009 when I put up the first website that accepted credit card payments online. 

The tattoo industry, both real and temporary, has changed a lot in recent years. This year both of my primary suppliers, whom I've dealt with for over 20 years, went out of business.  I've been unable to find new sources that meet my quality standards.  

               It's time to bring Funtoos to an end 
 I will begin liquidating inventory on December 3 and shut the website down at an undetermined time in the near future. Visit to get the current huge savings coupon code.  

There will be no backorders.  If we are short anything on your order, we will issue a refund for those items.

Take advantage of the extraordinary savings on quality temporary tattoos that will never be available again.  When they're gone, they're gone.  They'll come to you packaged for long-term storage.    

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Tattoo for the moment, not for life

In the nearly 30 years that I've been involved in the temporary tattoo industry, I've notice how often people want a temporary tattoo for a specific purpose at a particular time.  It's not something they want for a lifetime, just something for the moment.  Like this pretty lady who wanted a butterfly on her cleavage during this special event.  When she got home, she took it off.  You can't do that with a real tattoo. 

Fortunately, you have hundreds of temporary tattoos to choose from these days.   Some are large and others are small, so you can find a size to fit any place you want your tattoo.  Subject matter is nearly unlimited, from classic to modern, animals or flowers, armbands, military, biker, etc.  The problem is finding a source you can depend on to offer high quality temporary tattoos and a wide selection of sizes and styles.  Search engines have changed their logarithms so that you may have to go many pages deep to find trusted suppliers that have been in the industry for years and offer quality products and services.          

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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fashions change. What about tattoos?

Most women realize that fashions change.  The look that's right for this year probably won't be appropriate next year, and certainly not 5 or 10 years down the road.  Hairstyles change, clothing styles change, jewelry styles change.  But what about tattoos?  Tattoos don't change.  They just age.  Which brings up the question: Why would a woman make a fashion statement that is going to last a lifetime?  I don't have an answer for that, but I do know an alternative solution.

Quality waterslide temporary tattoos don't last a lifetime, but they can be changed to fit the latest trend.  They come in an endless variety of styles to fit any occasion.  They last up to several days, but can be easily removed at any time.  I have several regular customers that have a favorite tattoo they wear over and over again.  When it fades, they just replace it with a fresh one.  From time to time, some of them switch to a different image.  That's the advantage of a temporary tattoo.  You're not stuck with a tattoo that may go out of style.  Live your fantasy without the lifetime commitment.   

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Removable tattoos are great for Halloween

Halloween is a fun time when people like to "take on a special look".  It's easy to accessorize your costume or simply add a special look with one or more temporary tattoos.  The best part is that they are as easy to remove as they are to apply.  The photos here show Veronica in her natural state and then all tatted up as "Kat" for Halloween.  The next morning she returned to her original appearance with lots of photos and memories of a really fun Halloween party.

Add some spice to your Halloween with a few temporary tattoos.  You can tat up for the night and clean up the next day. has a broad selection that will give you some good ideas.  Check out their Halloween Category.  You don't have to make a lifetime commitment to have some fun with a good looking tattoo. 

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tattoo for fun, not for life

One of the problems with getting a real tattoo is that what seems right today may not be so right in the years ahead.  That's why tattoo removal is such a rapidly growing industry.   People don't always consider the long term consequences before going under the needle for a tattoo, and removal is far more expensive and painful than getting the tattoo.

    Just a few years ago, there was a stigma about tattoos.  They are more acceptable today, but a lot of people still have a negative view of people wearing them.  This can restrict employment opportunities and/or advancement inside a company.  So how can you get a tattoo without making a lifetime commitment?  Consider a quality waterslide temporary tattoo.  They look real, can last several days, and you can remove them at any time.   It's also nice to be able to choose a tattoo that fits your mood or occasion and change it when your mood changes.  Some people find a temporary tattoo that they really like and keep several on hand to replace the original as it fades.  I have several favorites that I wear from time to time.  Again, it depends on my mood.  It may be a dragon one day, and a pinup the next week.  Or maybe no tattoo at all.  Learn more about applying and caring for a temporary tattoo

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Would you wear this tattoo all your life?

Would you want to wear this tattoo for the rest of your life?
Probably not, but it would be fun for a few hours or a few days. 

So, how do you do that?  Waterslide temporary tattoos let you live your fantasy without a lifetime commitment.  When I was first introduced to "removable" tattoos in the mid 1980's, I was intrigued with the idea of having a tattoo you could remove at any time or just let it fade away in a couple of weeks.  It didn't take me long to discover that a lot of other people felt the same way, and that started me on a journey of marketing quality temporary tattoos that has lasted nearly three decades.  

In the 80's, about the only way you could get a temporary tattoo was from a vendor at a fair or festival.  Normally, you would select the image you wanted from a display and the vendor would apply it for you.  In those days, waterslide tattoos called Paper Tattoos were nearly the only products available and the quality was exceptional.  Paper Tattoos were imported from Japan and are still available today.  Eventually a method of making waterslide temporary tattoos using sheet fed printing presses was developed that allowed mass production.  However, variations in materials from different production runs often resulted in inconstant quality.  Read more in an article All About Temporary Waterslide Tattoos.     

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Japanese art makes great tattoos

Japanese Paper Tattoos represent some of the finest temporary tattoos in the world.  They are different from the temporary tattoos we are familiar with because they use a different production process that results in a more realistic and longer lasting tattoo.  The artwork used is produced by traditional Japanese tattoo artists.

The vast majority of waterslide temporary tattoos from around the world are printed using traditional printing presses (I call them "traditional temporary tattoos") and lack the density of Paper Tattoos.  Although both traditional and paper tattoos are applied in the same way, removal is different.  Traditional tattoos are removed by rubbing them with rubbing alcohol.  To remove paper tattoos, you need to use baby oil.

Traditional temporary tattoos will normally look good for 3 days to around a week.  Paper tattoos normally last 10 days to two weeks or more.  How long a temporary tattoo looks good depends on a number of factors.  Since they are on the exterior of the skin, they are subject to abrasion (rubbing of clothing, etc.).  Skin type can also be a factor since natural body oils will break them down.  You have some control in selecting areas of the skin that produce less oil (ankles for example) and are not exposed to rubbing, but one thing you cannot control is that the skin is constantly renewing itself.  That means flaking off of old skin cells and being replaced with new ones. 

I've been marketing waterslide temporary tattoos for over 25 years and I do a lot of sampling and testing with temporary tattoos from suppliers from around the world.  Although they vary somewhat in quality and artwork, I've never found any that meet the standard of Japanese Paper Tattoos. Of course, I also offer a wide selection of traditional tattoos that have met my quality testing standards.  Browse all our temporary tattoos at

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